Billing and Insurance

Insurance Billing

Samaritan Counseling Center does our best to contract with as many health insurance companies as possible.

Any information provided on this website does not guarantee your insurance coverage or benefits.

Prior to your appointment, we need you to call the number on the back of your insurance card:
  1. You will need to call and ask if the therapist you want to work with is specifically covered with your insurance plan (every insurance plan varies and not all of our therapists are covered under the same plans).
  2. Ask if you need a prior authorization for outpatient mental health (this has to be taken care of before you come in for your appointment since most insurance companies will not backdate an authorization).
  3. Find out about your benefits from your insurance company (i.e. copay/coinsurance, deductible, etc).

Remember, if an insurance company says something is “covered” that does not mean you won’t still owe. We only charge you what your insurance company says you owe if they process your claim, so if you have questions about what is covered you will need to contact your insurance company.

Samaritan Counseling Center currently accepts the following insurance payers (this may not include all insurance companies that we take).

Please Note: As a general rule these are some of the networks we are in network with but EVERY plan varies. You would need to call your insurance company to find out if a therapist is specifically in your network.
Please check our Facebook page for the additional news and updates.

Insurance Companies we work with:
  • The Alliance (all therapists)**
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield/BCBS (all therapists** plans through the Marketplace are NOT covered)
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield/BCBS Medicare (Dan, Sue, Jane and Phillip "Ross")
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield/BCBS Medicaid (all therapists**)
  • Care Wisconsin (now MyChoice) (Dan, Sue, and Jane)
  • Cigna and some Evernorth plans (all therapists)
  • Comprehensive Community Services (CCS; Janessa, Dan, Sue, and Jane)
  • Dean Health Plan, a member of SSM Health:
    • Dean Commercial (HMO & POS)
    • Dean TPA (all therapists)
    • Dean FOCUS (all therapists)
    • Dean Gold (COST) (all therapists that take Medicare plans)
    • Deancare Select-Medicare (Dan, Sue, Jane, William "Rick" and Phillip "Ross")
    • Dean Advantage-Medicare (Dan, Sue, Jane, William "Rick" and Phillip "Ross")
    • Dean Medicaid (all therapists)
  • ForwardHealth/Medicaid (all therapists as long as you are not part of an HMO)
  • Independent Care (ICare; Dan, Sue, Jane and Phillip "Ross")
  • Medicare (Standard Medicare not through another company; Dan, Sue, Jane, William "Rick" and Phillip "Ross")
  • Quartz Commercial plans (all therapists)
  • Quartz Medicaid (all therapists)
  • Tricare (Dan, Sue and Jane)
  • United Behavioral Health Medicare Plans(UBH; Dan, Sue, Jane and Phillip "Ross")
  • United Behavioral Health Commercials Plans(UBH; all therapists)
  • United Behavioral Health Medicaid Plan (UBH; all therapists)
  • ** Janessa is not included in the specific networks listed above with any asterisks, but is able to bill for many of the other plans listed above.

    Some insurance companies may use one insurance network for medical and may use a completely different network of providers for outpatient mental health. PLEASE NOTE: Payment options and financial assistance are available. You can contact our intake coordinator at (608) 663-0763 ext. 100 to determine whether you qualify or to make billing arrangements. If you do have insurance that would be covered, we must bill your insurance or you may pay our standard rates.

Self Pay Options

The Samaritan Center offers a few different payment options.

Our professional fees vary based on if you are working with a Master's level, or Ph.D level therapist. Most of our billing is to insurance companies, but we do also offer self pay options and a sliding fee scale is available for those without insurance and is based on proof of family household income. In order to be considered for our Sliding Scale Fee option, proof of income must be provided to our Billing Department prior to your first appointment. You will then be approved dependent on that information. This can all be coordinated through our Intake Coordinator at 608-663-0763 ext. 100.

Everyone that is self pay is required to pay the day of service, unless other payment arrangements have been made with you. We can accept exact cash, checks, or we can take Visa or Mastercard.

Please call us for our rates on our new client intake coordination line at 608-663-0763 ext. 100.

Pre-marriage Counseling: If you are coming in for Pre-marriage counseling and will be doing the Prepare-Enrich assessment with your counselor, it is generally three sessions and it is not billable to your insurance. For more information on how that works and the rates for pre-marriage counseling, please visit our Pre-Marriage Counseling page.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment options and financial assistance are available. Self pay options are not available for anyone with Medicaid due to it being an income based program. You can contact our intake coordinator at (608) 663-0763 ext. 100 to determine whether you qualify or to make billing arrangements.