Rebuilding-Divorce Class

This seminar is based on Dr. Bruce Fisher's model developed in Boulder, Colorado and has been offered nationwide.

We have held hundreds of classes with over 5000 participants in the Madison area since 1981. This is the original Rebuilders/Rebuilding class in the Madison area. It was originally started by the Samaritan's own Linda Pettersen and Dan Feaster.
What You Will Gain:
  • An understanding of the process by which one adjusts to the end of a love relationship
  • Explanation of the emotional aspects of this process, including grief, guilt, anger, rejection and loneliness
  • Building a support system of new friends
  • Direct personal feedback of your own break up adjustment process
  • The ability to identify issues that may be worked on in counseling
  • Access to Rebuilders Single Network
Seminar Outline:
Week Topics
Week 1: Rebuilding Blocks of Breakups
Week 2: Analysis of Relationships
Week 3: Grieving your Losses
Week 4: Anger
Week 5: Leftovers from the past
Week 6: Improving your self-esteem
Week 7: The Masks we Hide Behind
Week 8: Learning to Love Again
Week 9: Relationships and Friends
Week 10: Healthy Sexuality and Dating
Dr. Fisher created a 10-week course which he found hastens the adjustment period to the break up of a love relationship. His model is one of education and group support with a measured growth rate for each participant.

Classes meet for three hours, one evening a week, for 10 weeks and are open to both men and women, whether ending a marriage or other love relationship.


Dr. Dan Feaster, D.Min, MSW, LCSW is the Executive Director and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Samaritan Counseling Center. He has taught the Rebuilding Program for over 35 years. He has also taught Pre-Marriage classes for over 35 years as well.

Dr. Feaster also teaches the Advanced Rebuilding Relationship Class, which meets on Tuesday Nights for anyone interested. Dan Feaster is known for his work in couples/marital counseling, as well as individual counseling.

Additional Information

Fees The seminar tuition fee is $350* with an Early Bird discount of $25 for those registered two weeks in advance.

Payment plans are available.

Included in Fee:
• 30 Seminar Hours
• Additional Class Materials
• Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale (Pre-Test and Post-Test)

*Required Materials Not Included in Fee:
• Textbook is $24 Extra
• Workbook $20 Extra

The actual program is held at the Samaritan Counseling Center on Monona Drive.
To Register Now or for further information on either class:
Call: Dr. Dan Feaster at 608-663-0763 ext. 200 or, Email:

To Register, send a $35 non-refundable deposit to:

Rebuilding Seminars
3192 Breeze Dr.
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
(Make checks payable to Rebuilding)

You can also pay by PayPal or Venmo

Also Available is Our Advanced Rebuilding Class
Advanced Rebuilding Class
This seminar is taught by Dr. Dan Feaster on learning skills to having a healthy relationship for those currently dating or considering dating.
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